Welcome to the HotDRP-dA Forums this is where the main RP will take place along with the additional forums for your liesure. I emplore you all to invite your friends to the RP group, the more the merrier right.

Yours Truly

Welcome to the A.E.H.O.T.D RP community forums. All members of the HotDRPdA should create an account here without hesitation.

Important Please Read! The Major RP's will take place every weekend here in the chatbox be prepared to come every Friday-Sunday to participate. Please do not make accounts then not use them it gets my hopes up and I honestly do feel quite upset when you do not return to the RP. I may not be present at the time but if you all stick around long enough and actually take the time to enjoy the forum more members are likely to come and the RP will run much smoother. I need your help to promote the forums as well so if you know anyone interested in joining an RP group tell them about this one. GH0ST

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Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip

Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:14 am by agnejamy

Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip


Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:15 am by Anna Swan

Excited you must be, because if not you would't be reading this would you! XD So ha!

The A.E.H.O.T.D. and (The real) HOTD Anime has been confirmed. Some A.E.H.O.T.D. or S.G.H.O.D. sneak peeks have been added to some SG (Saru Getchu) Season two CD's in Japan, You probably might be why aren't there any here since a American person give them the idea. Well don't pout because S.C.E.I. is shipping …

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Things to know about HotD

Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:29 am by ProjectGH0ST

AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G are sent on an assignment on December 18, 1998 to investigate a panicked phone call from Rogan's fiancée, Sophie Richards, and a series of disappearances at the Curien Mansion, home and laboratory of Dr. Curien, a biochemist and geneticist. Curien was obsessed with discovering the very nature of life and death, backed by the DBR Corporation and its scientists. …

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    Rules of the RP

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    Rules of the RP

    Post by ProjectGH0ST on Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:55 am

    For all new HOTDRP-dA members this is the new HOTD RP HQ. The basic rules for the forum an the RP will be listed here.

    Starting up

    Upon joining the forum it is a good idea to post an introductory thread. Say hello to the many members on the forum and make new friends.

    General RP Rules:

    The HOTDRP-dA rules apply here as well http://hotdrp-da.deviantart.com though due to this being in a forum setting a few rules have been added and a few others removed.

    We are instituting a 3 strike system. The first strike will be a warning, the second a temporary ban, but the third could result in a perminant ban from the forum and the RP group.

    During RP and just using the forum in general I will expect you all to limit all profane language. Keep the forum G rated (Laughing G) this is a family friendly site and we would like to keep it that way GOT IT!!!

    The general RP will take place in the chatbox at the very bottom of the forum home page. Keep in mind that you will need an account here to be able to log in there.

    Character Apps:

    We will be accepting character applications in the Specimen Vault. From there we will be expecting you to follow the application process.

    Canon Character app:
    1) Choose the existing HOTD character you would like to RP as? (High school of the dead characters are allowed)
    2) Why would you like to RP as this character? (Keep in mind that I HATE it when you say, because he/she's cool, or Cuz' I feel like it, no drive no spot GOT IT!!!)
    3) Monologue (Show us how you RP by giving us a short performance, 1 paragraph at least)
    4) How often will you be online? (be honest)
    5) Do you agree with the RP rules? (yes, or no. a simple answer to a simple question)

    OC Application
    1) Name:
    Physical Description:
    Mental Description:
    2) Powers and abilities: (if any)
    3) Monologue:
    4) How often will you be onliine: (be honest)
    5) Do you agree with the RP rules:
    As of lately many users here at HotD RP have been posting music. I Personally have no problem with it but we should lay down a few guidelines anyways.

    Music Limit:

    Ok lets be rational I don't personally care but you should atleast post only 1 or 2 songs in a single thread as to keep from spamming up the forum. I will give the ok if anyone asks to start a music thread but please notify me first

    Music Lyrics:

    I'll be listening closely to the song lyrics so be sure that it is very limited in profane language (I can speak 5 major languages so I'll know what the song are saying)

    I guess thats enough of a ground breaker for now I'll edit this if any new problems shall arrive

    Unless we come up with something else I guess that is all, And If any of you humans DARE disobey... I'LL KNOW, I'LL ALWAYS KNOW.


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