Welcome to the HotDRP-dA Forums this is where the main RP will take place along with the additional forums for your liesure. I emplore you all to invite your friends to the RP group, the more the merrier right.

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Welcome to the A.E.H.O.T.D RP community forums. All members of the HotDRPdA should create an account here without hesitation.

Important Please Read! The Major RP's will take place every weekend here in the chatbox be prepared to come every Friday-Sunday to participate. Please do not make accounts then not use them it gets my hopes up and I honestly do feel quite upset when you do not return to the RP. I may not be present at the time but if you all stick around long enough and actually take the time to enjoy the forum more members are likely to come and the RP will run much smoother. I need your help to promote the forums as well so if you know anyone interested in joining an RP group tell them about this one. GH0ST

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Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip

Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:14 am by agnejamy

Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip


Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:15 am by Anna Swan

Excited you must be, because if not you would't be reading this would you! XD So ha!

The A.E.H.O.T.D. and (The real) HOTD Anime has been confirmed. Some A.E.H.O.T.D. or S.G.H.O.D. sneak peeks have been added to some SG (Saru Getchu) Season two CD's in Japan, You probably might be why aren't there any here since a American person give them the idea. Well don't pout because S.C.E.I. is shipping …

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Things to know about HotD

Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:29 am by ProjectGH0ST

AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G are sent on an assignment on December 18, 1998 to investigate a panicked phone call from Rogan's fiancée, Sophie Richards, and a series of disappearances at the Curien Mansion, home and laboratory of Dr. Curien, a biochemist and geneticist. Curien was obsessed with discovering the very nature of life and death, backed by the DBR Corporation and its scientists. …

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    Greetings Humans! :D

    Anna Swan
    Anna Swan
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    Greetings Humans! :D Empty Greetings Humans! :D

    Post by Anna Swan on Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:49 pm

    Hello I'm Anna Swan, i'm 23 years of age and I have 1 daughter. I am also the founder of the A.E. H.O.T.D. Wikia. Smile Me and My Boyfriend love The House of The Dead and have each and every game. My boyfriend and I are getting married friday. So be aware that I won't be here to partipate an any RP after our wedding.

    Anyways thanks for inviting me GH0ST!!! Very Happy
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    Greetings Humans! :D Empty Re: Greetings Humans! :D

    Post by ProjectGH0ST on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:17 pm

    Greetings so glad that you have decided to join. I want to ask if you would like to become a mod because our forum needs people that are good organizers and/or have already been in a administrative position. Do you accept?

    Btw Welcome To The House Of The Dead RP Community Forums, enjoy your stay.

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