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Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip

Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:14 am by agnejamy

Tgc - Rr3 Hack.zip


Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:15 am by Anna Swan

Excited you must be, because if not you would't be reading this would you! XD So ha!

The A.E.H.O.T.D. and (The real) HOTD Anime has been confirmed. Some A.E.H.O.T.D. or S.G.H.O.D. sneak peeks have been added to some SG (Saru Getchu) Season two CD's in Japan, You probably might be why aren't there any here since a American person give them the idea. Well don't pout because S.C.E.I. is shipping …

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Things to know about HotD

Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:29 am by ProjectGH0ST

AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G are sent on an assignment on December 18, 1998 to investigate a panicked phone call from Rogan's fiancée, Sophie Richards, and a series of disappearances at the Curien Mansion, home and laboratory of Dr. Curien, a biochemist and geneticist. Curien was obsessed with discovering the very nature of life and death, backed by the DBR Corporation and its scientists. …

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    A.E. H.O.T.D. Storyline

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    A.E. H.O.T.D. Storyline Empty A.E. H.O.T.D. Storyline

    Post by ZPink on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:06 am

    A.E. H.O.T.D.

    A.E. H.O.T.D. begins at the end of The House of the Dead 3 were it shows Lisa and Daniel walking out. For a brief moment Daniel pauses to face the building and bid his father a final farewell, and swears he will not let his father's efforts go to waste. He also mentions that "If humans go down the wrong path again, I'll come back to this place." Afterward, Lisa realizes a strange glitching in the two of them, and disappear into a strange blue light along former AMS Agents Thomas Rogan, "G".

    Daniel wakes up noticing the more colorfull place he'd ended up in, and looks around to find Lisa who is being attacked by what appears to be an Ape Escape styled monkeys wearing the peak point helemet, and goes to save her and succeeds. They flee off together and run to an unknown residence, In which they meet The scientist Aki (Ape Escape 3) and Lisa begins to Speak and says "Umm...Excuse me but Did you know what going on out there?" But Aki is unable to answer as Kei walks across the room only for the door to hit him in the face, and Yumi walks into the room, The scenario procededs from there.

    When Natalie sends her transmission through Aki's TV, it is revealed that she has some sort of contact with Daniel and Lisa, and that The television shows that are broadcast on every television put every human except the supposit twins, Kei and Yumi, their aunt Aki, Natalie, Daniel and Lisa into a mindless trance. When Natalie informs Kei and Yumi that Spike, Jimmy, "G" and the Professor were all infected by the television show. They all set out to catch the monkeys and thwart Specter and Tomuki.

    When, Kei and Yumi decide to use the Warp Machine and Go by themselfs, They actidentlly warp away to somewhere Aki cannot specify in that scenario and Daniel and Lisa go and do the rest of the catching.

    Afterwards, A scenario shows Yumi and Kei in the World of The House of the Dead 3 in the begining. Kei at first hesitates to go but Yumi informs him "that one of the ways to beat something, You first have to do it, right?" Kei agrees and they go through the gate. Then, Daniel and Lisa defeat Freaky Monkey Five Member "Monkey Blue" or "Blue Monkey" and Aki tells them that Kei and Yumi appeared in their world and then it goes straight back to Kei and Yumi's scenario.

    As the two explore the facility, only to come into contact with undead creatures such as EFI's giant one-zombie security force Death, and Aki contact them through the "Aki-Phone" telling them their weapons won't work against it and sends them the "Morph Watch" and telling them to use their Morphs when nessicary.

    Daniel and Lisa easily capture Yellow Monkey. When they reach the TV Station where Monkey Pink is, Daniel and Lisa attempts to capture her fail and she escapes. They manage to capture Red Monkey afterwards.

    Then in The HOTD world, Kei and Yumi encounter Death and who makes two appearances in the game, through the building entrance or parking area and then through the information systems department, a giant deformed sloth known as The Fool which had taken over the D.B.R Institute, and the EFI Genome Ward, and a mutant tendril-plant known as The Sun that had taken over the building's biological laboratories and plants.

    When Daniel and Lisa reach Tomoki City, Tomoki challenges them to a battle in his giant Tomo-King robot. Tomoki, after being defeated by Daniel and Lisa, and being humiliated by Specter, lets them take his rocket to space to defeat his former partner. Once they reach Specter's outer space base of operations: Space Station SARU-3, they capture all the monkeys and deactivate the movie sets on their way to Specter. When they reach Specter, he tells them his plan about how he will use his space station to cut the earth in half and keep half of it for the monkeys (leaving the other half, originally meant for Tomoki, to the humans). Afterwards he gets in his new Gorillac Mech and tries to activate his plan. He is defeated and the two escape from the satellite, leaving Tomuki to give his life to deactivate the Twin Heavens. He survives. After, that the credits roll and Part 1 is completed. A video rolls afterwards showing an unknown person with a same appearance to Specter talks then chuckles evily.

    After Specter is defeated, Monkey Pink releases him and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five. And Daniel and Lisa set off to capture the Freaky Monkey Five in extremly simiular missions.

    When it comes to Battle against Monkey Pink, She is instead found arguing with a pink haired girl who claims to be named ZPink and the two battle each other. After being defeated Monkey Pink and ZPink begin to talk then escape thogether saying "Two great minds is better than one...."

    Then it's shows Kei and Yumi asleep in the room where Rogan is supposed to be and are found by "G" that has some how broken from mindless trance and explains that he was sent there to get them out...


    Just so you know the Game is still in it's In Progress Mode.. So that's all I got right now.

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